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1950's HB Barnum & Circats with Arthur Wright" (top: Glen Wade & Ron Barrett, bottom: Arthur Wright, HB, & Jimmy Benson)


Marco Panascia and Carol
2005 NAMM, Ibanez Booth

Carol's 70th Surprise Birthday Party at Vibrato in Beverly Hills
Front: Liza Botkin, Nancy Sinatra, Ceily Carter. Back row: Earl Palmer, Helen (Ceily's mother), Jeline Palmer, Alf Clausen, CK, Perry Botkin Jr., Carol Johnson, Plas Johnson, Don Randi
(picture courtesy of Lonnie Carter)

Carol and Alf Clausen chatting at the notorious birthday bash.

Another shot from the party.

Page Cavenaugh and Plas Johnson at Charlie O's. Picture courtesy of Lonnie Carter.

Former Boss Page Cavenaugh at 83 and Carol at Charlie O's July 18, 2005
pic by Stephen Kyle


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