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Says Nancy Sinatra:

"You couldn't possibly receive enough honors as far as I'm concerned.You were the first one and the only one for a very long time, before women even thought about the bass. Ironically, I was doing a radio interview the other day and the lead-in was 'So Long, Babe' on which you were so fabulous. You made the entire track.I am definitely your biggest fan, and I love you so much. You have no idea of the images I carry of you and us, and we have never talked about the old days, really. Maybe someday soon we will be able to!

Love, Nancy."

From Quincy Jones in his book "Q - The Autobriography of Quincy Jones" 2001
"The Fender bass player Carol Kaye.....could do anything and leave the
men in the dust."

From Berklee Bass Dept., Rich Appleman and Teaching Staff: "Your seminars were the very best in over 25 years here".

From Bill Lynn Purse, Mark Koch, Ken Karsh, Jeff Mangone at Duquesne Univ. Pittsburgh: "You're the best performer and best seminarist ever here."

Merv Griffin: "I love Carol Kaye, she's the best."

Lou Rawls: "Carol played great on all my hits (60's) and she was cool."

Howard Roberts: "Carol, you're the greatest."

Jazz singer Joe Williams: "Carol Kaye, as black as she wants to be".
(quoted from People's World review).

Benny Golson says: "I used Carol Kaye on bass because I liked what she did and the way she did it. She had a certain something about her concept in playing....I didn't have to write everything out...I just gave her the chords.Another thing I liked about her, when people have an abundance of talent, they can become a little arrogant...but that was not so with her."

David Axelrod: "The funkiest......CarolKaye."

From Billy Strange: "Carol you're the greatest bass player in the world. Everyone knows it. Your sound and feel are the most distinctive electric bass sounds ever!"

Nathan East says: "Carol Kaye is someone I not only consider as a dear friend, but one of my first bass teachers through her bass method books. I'll never forget the thrill of learning her bass line to the Bill Cosby Show theme. Once I learned it, I was going around impressing all my friends! Carol has been a major contributor to the World of Bass and I don't know where we would be without her. All I can say to Carol is 'Thanks for helping to pave my way!' May the blessings continue to flow...All the bass!"

From Mitch Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix's drummer:"Jimi and I played with Carol Kaye, the bass player who did a lot of sessions for Motown after it moved to LA. She was brilliant, scared the sh-- out of me." (from his book about Jimi Hendrix)

Les Paul: "Carol Kaye's got it all together, she's great!"

Perry Botkin: "As you know, I loved having you on my dates.You always played great and always picked up my spirits. The "business"and the fans were and are lucky to have you around, sweetheart.You're the best."

Benny Carter: "Carol, you were the best on Fender bass and a large part of our music business."

Milt Bernhardt, vip trombonist, Emcee of Big Band Academy: "Carol Kaye, I forgive you for putting the Fender Bass on the map."

Plas Johnson, #1 recording jazz saxman (Pink Panther): "I enjoyed 'Thumbs Up', everyone played well."

Hollywood 1960s Motown Producer Hal Davis quote from "Bass Heroes" book: "Yes, Carol Kaye did do the Motown hits she claims. "

"Carol taught me more about the bass than is decent." - Sting

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