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Click on image to enlarge Pres. John Acosta of Musicians Local 47, myself, Dick Nash, Vince DeRosa, Louise DiTullio, Gene Cipriano, 5 recipients of Union's very first Ceremony, Lifetime Achievement Awards and City of Los Angeles Certificates of Recognition presented by L.A. Councilman Paul Koretz.
AFM & SAG-AFTRA Intellectual Property
Rights Distribution Fund
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Click on image to enlarge The heavies of the great Universal Studios sounds (Blu Wave), pic used with permission:
Robb Navrides
, Carol Kaye, Doc Goldstein, and Bob McNabb - why the movies and TV shows sound so good!
At Catalina's to hear Eldar with Marco on bass: KC Manji, former bassist with Woody Herman and Dir. of Music, College of The Canyons, Carol, Les McCann, and Marco Panascia.
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Carol with the great George Benson and bassist
Marco Panascia
Jan. '06 NAMM Trade Show, Ibanez Booth
Leo Fender, George Fullerton, and Forrest White with Carol Kaye (circa 1974 at a trade show)
Click on image to enlarge Ron Carter, Carol, and Will Lee, presenters to Carol for Women In Music Award
Feb 1, 2000 NYC

Photo by Lonnie Carter.
LA-NAMM 2000
Arni Egilsson, Marco Panascia, Ray Brown and Carol Kaye, Thomastik-Connolly Dinner
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Click on image to enlarge Leslie Gore and Debby Hastings
Feb. 1, 2000
Women in Music Awards
Carol and Debby Hastings
Feb. 01, 2000
Women in Music Awards
Les Paul and Carol Kaye
ready to sit in.
NYC, Jan. 31, 2000
CBS Musical Instruments
National Sales Meeting
Chicago, March 5, 1970
Brian Wilson and Carol Kaye

Bobby Helfer, No. 1 Studio Musician Contractor,
Universal etal

Photo Credit Mr. Bob Lodge and Mother

Thoughts on Bobby Helfer - Elmer Bernstein

Credit Mr. Bob Lodge and Mother

"Mission Impossible"
re-use payment
"M*A*S*H" and Motown re-use check stubs
Midnight Confessions re-use check stubs
Meet The Parents and The Bill Cosby Show
re-use check stubs

The Righteous Brothers,
"Kill Bill" and Peter Sellers
re-use payment stubs

"The Beat Goes On" (Sonny & Cher) and
"Bang Bang" (Cher)
re-use check stubs
"Whipped Cream", M*A*S*H
and A&E re-use payment
"Good Vibrations" (Beach Boys)
and Big Jake re-use check stubs
"Wouldn't It Be Nice", "Good Vibrations"
and "California Girls" (Beach Boys)
re-use payment stubs
"God Only Knows" and "Heroes and Villains"
(Beach Boys)
re-use check stubs
Joe Cocker, Dean Martin
and Wayne Newton's "Danke Shoen"
re-use payment stubs
Frank Sinatra re-use check stubs
"M*A*S*H", WNET and HBO
re-use check stubs

Gold Star Studios, 1964
"OK let's cut this hit."
meaning business with coffee

On a Cannonball Adderley Date

Nancy Sinatra session, 1966

Earl Palmer and Bob West, mid-1960s
Gold Star Studios

Carol, Joe Porcaro, Earl Palmer, late '60s
United Studios

Concert with Henry Busse's band, 1955
same show as Woody Herman at Ford Ord, 1955.

Jazz French Horn Combo, 1958
Gabe Baltazar, Dwight Carver, Carol, Buddy Clarke, 1958.

David Cohen and Carol, mid-60s
Gold Star Studios

.Henry Busse Orchestra 1954
Husband Al Kaye on string bass, Chiz Harris on drums


H.B. Barnum L.A. soul-jazz band, 1959
H.B. on sax. H.B.III on piano, Laudir on congas, Hal Blaine drums, Dick Leith on trombone, string bass (unknown), Carol Kaye elec. guitar
Sonny & Cher session, mid-'60s
Carol, Barney Kessel, and arranger Harold Battiste

Capitol Studio "A," 1969
Nancy Wilson, Carol's back, Plas Johnson, listening to Nancy's hit of "Peace of Mind."

Stan Ross and Dave Gold
Owners of Gold Star Recorders

Ritchie Valen's cousin, Carol, Bob Keane, and Ritchie Valen's cousin
At Ritchie Valens' Memorial Park 1999

Special Thanks to Plas Johnson

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